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Sex Tape

Sex Tape
A movie about a movie they don't want you to see.
It's THIS wide!

After 10 years and two kids, a youngish couple feels that the spark has gone out of their sex life. In an attempt to fix this problem, they decide to spend three hours trying out every position in The Joy of Sex, and filming the fun for future enjoyment. Unfortunately, when all is said and done, they discover that the tape is no longer their own private possession. WIth just one night to fix this mess, they embark on a frantic chase to stop the spread, learning much more about themselves in the process. The critics appear to be underwhelmed.

R: Restricted
Rated R for strong sexual content, nudity, language and some drug use

CastCameron Diaz, Jason Segel, Rob Corddry, Ellie Kemper, Rob Lowe, Nat Faxon
DirectorJake Kasdan
ScreenplayKate Angelo, Jason Segel, Nicholas Stoller
MusicMichael Andrews
CinematographyTim Suhrstedt
EditingSteve Edwards, Tara Timpone
Sound formatsDolby Digital, Sony Dynamic Digital Sound, DTS
SoundtrackNot available
Made in2014
Produced byEscape Artists, LStar Capital, Media Rights Capital, Sony Pictures Entertainment

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Scale (Max)20
Metacritic.com28 critics7
RottenTomatoes.com68 critics9
RottenTomatoes.comTomatometer quote icon 3
Average .. 32%6


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